our story


hummingpea is a story of evolution, persistence, growth and recognition of self. born out of a love for texture and an intrinsic need to create, i am inspired by my own life experiences and others stories of self discovery. patterns, lines, and nature feature strongly in my work, because i believe in the restorative power of choosing to be still and slow, as well as to celebrate the beauty in all things. 

all pieces are created in my home studio in southern adelaide, south australia, where i also hang out with my two young girls, one man, and a cat called sweetheart. 
having only limited formal training, my experience comes from as far back as my childhood, and learning to sew with my gran. she instilled in me a love for all kinds of textiles, as well as a knowledge that anything is possible. hours spent with her and her craft supplies, learning to sew and paint, and hearing stories from her youth, grew into hours of my own experimentation and projects as a young adult. struggling later with chronic illness, i turned to craft to help myself remember that i had a purpose, and did matter, despite my limitations.
almost twenty years later, i am sharing my stories in the hope to bring light and solidarity to others. my work speaks to my personal experiences with chronic fatigue, mothering, divorce, autism, anxiety, learning boundaries, finding myself, and more. 
the hummingbird signifies that no being is too insignificant to hold meaning and purpose, and my hope is that my work fosters personal growth, the celebration of all things, and a sense of self worth for all who cross its path. 
your support of me means more than you will ever know, and literally allows my family to live, breathe, and (occasionally) sleep. you are also supporting me in my journey to true health, and my ability to constantly learn new ways of loving myself, being mindful, and not giving up on my dreams. thank you, from the deepness of my heart. i am forever grateful.
pennie x