embroidery kit - introductory for toddlers

  • $30.00

this introductory embroidery kit is designed to teach 2-5 year olds the basic concepts of stitching with thread. it comes with a variety of pieces of lace, netting, and mesh fabrics which enable the child to focus on the action of stitching the thread in and out from front to back and back to front, without the worry of trying to also pierce the fabric, and not being able to see exactly where their needle is going.

my kits are designed to foster creativity and imagination, while also teaching a life long skill that can be built on for years to come. this kit provides a great opportunity to practise and develop fine motor skills, and patience, whilst also experiencing different textures and art forms that may not have been previously discovered. children will also learn about pattern making and colours, all while creating little works of art that you will treasure for years to come!

the kit contains : 

1x 9cm flexi embroidery hoop

1x large plastic needle

11x recycled lace and netting squares

21x pre-cut threads

1x bag of plastic beads

1x instruction and ideas sheet

access to video tutorials

embroidery is calming and addictive, and should your child (or you!) love this, it will keep them amused for hours on end!

***depending on the developmental age and skills of your child, they will need to do this activity with adult supervision. the beads are small and shouldn't be put in mouths.